My soul purpose is to be a healer.

While earning a degree in Anthropology at UC Davis, I began a life long quest of exploring energetic healing. 

This passion manifested in a variety of ways: I began to study yoga, acupressure (jin shin), meditation, western herbalism, and craniosacral work; studying energy healing was clearly a soul calling for me. It took me to the far east for six months where, in India, I lived, studied, breathed and slept yoga for five months. In Nepal, I climbed a huge mountain that changed me and, in Thailand, I studied traditional local massage. 

By 24, I was a certified acupressure therapist and had begun my healing practice in Berkeley, California. Naturally, I wove craniosacral work into the jin shin (acupressure) flows. The more I tapped into the craniosacral system, the deeper the healing for my client. I was mesmerized by the magnitude of the craniosacral work and knew I needed more training! 

Many years later, I completed a certification program at the Milne Institute for Visionary Craniosacral Work. The Cranial work meets me in my depth. Because my understanding of anatomy continually expands, as does my sensitivity to subtle energy, I am continually inspired by this work.

I was introduced to homeopathy 10 years ago by Meredith Benson a Classical Homeopath. This medicine started presenting itself while I was working with clients.  I asked Meredith to be my teacher. For 3 short months before she died she began to share her mastery with me. These last 2 years, I have been traveling to Berkeley to study at the Berkeley Institute for Homeopathy with Iris Hagen Ratowsky and Jo Daly. Simultaneously, deep intuitive understanding of the medicine has become available.  The greatest affirmation of this intuitive gift is the life changing results felt by my clients.